Places to Visit in Martinsburg, West Virginia

November 7, 2022


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Martinsburg, West Virginia, is a city in Berkeley County, the state’s Eastern Panhandle region. It is situated on the lower Shenandoah Valley and has a population of 18,835 according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2021 estimates. It is the sixth largest municipality in West Virginia.

Grandview State Park

The park’s scenic overlook, which is popular with locals and tourists alike, has a history that dates back to the 19th century. It also boasts a number of other attractions, including a visitor center and five hiking trails. It also has a playground for children and a theater that presents outdoor dramas during the summer.

The town’s history is reflected in the New Deal Homestead Museum, which houses artifacts dating back to the state’s early days. The museum also houses a Craft Shop where visitors can purchase crafts from local artists. Camping is also an option in the park. There are lakeside campsites, lake houses, and cabins available for rent.

For a more adventurous trip, visitors may want to consider Seneca Rocks. This park has more than four hundred acres of natural beauty. The trails wind around creek beds and are lined with rhododendron trees. The park also offers hiking and boating and has an historic grist mill.

While hiking or biking, you can also take a break at the park’s picnic pavilion. There are also eight hiking trails and two play areas for kids. The park also has a wooden lookout tower. Some people believe that the tower is haunted.

The Mothman Museum pays tribute to mysterious events that occurred in the area. The area was home to several eerie events, including sightings of red-eyed creatures, strange lights in the sky, and mysterious “men in black.” The museum displays photographs, news articles, and recordings of these occurrences. The museum also houses replicas of some of the eerie artifacts.

For a more thrilling adventure, visitors can explore the Lost World Caverns, 120 feet below the earth’s surface. The caves contain beautiful rock formations. Visitors can choose between self-guided tours and guided tours. The self-guided tour takes visitors through a half-mile circle and includes some of the world’s largest stalactites and crystal formations, including the 28-foot Bride Veil. Photography is permitted, so take your camera and start snapping!

Adam Stephen House

The Adam Stephen House is an historic house located in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia. The house was constructed between 1772 and 1789. It is a two-story stone house that is 43 feet, 5 inches wide and 36 feet, 3 inches high. The house was originally the residence of Adam Stephen, who owned the property.

Built of limestone, the General Adam Stephen House is a great example of colonial stone architecture. This historical home is located at 309 E. John Street, Martinsburg. The house was built on the land that Stephen bought in 1770. He bought 255 acres in the region and built his home on it.

This house is open to the public. It is a historical site, which is home to several collections and exhibits. Visitors can explore the home’s furnishings, which include furniture from the early American colonial era. Visitors can also learn about Stephen’s life by visiting the house.

The Adam Stephen House was built of limestone quarried locally in 1774. Adam Stephen arrived in the U.S. in 1772 and built a mill, distillery, and armory. He then won the right to build a courthouse in the town of Martinsburg, and was appointed the county’s first sheriff.

The Adam Stephen House and Triple Brick Museum are located in Martinsburg, West Virginia. They are open May through October. Admission is free, but the building is not handicap accessible. The house is located up a hill, so it may be difficult to access with your wheelchair. The Adam Stephen House and Triple Brick Museum are operated by the General Adam Stephen Memorial Association Incorporated, and donations are welcome.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park

If you’re looking for an adventurous way to travel through West Virginia, you should check out Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. It’s three hours away from Charleston, Wheeling, and Martinsburg and has twenty different company houses for rent. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. Depending on the season, it’s possible to spend the night in a caboose.

While there, make sure to check out the Last Run Restaurant, which was featured in “101 Unique Places to Dine in West Virginia.” The quaint restaurant has a rustic feel and great food. Cass also has a Company Store and museum. The Leatherbark Ford is another interesting stop that offers local artistry and handcrafted items. You can also take a guided tour of the Town of Cass. Inside, you can see an intricately modeled diorama of the town during its logging days.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park was added to the state park system in 1961 after state legislature provided funds to purchase the property. The first sightseeing tours began in 1963. Since then, millions of people have taken the train to Whitaker Station and Bald Knob.

Nearby Cass, the Seneca State Forest is another fun destination. This is the largest state forest in West Virginia and is home to lush colored woodlands and a beautiful lake. The park also has hiking trails, swimming holes, and horseback riding trails.

Another attraction near Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, you can take a train ride to Bald Knob, the third highest point in the state. The train takes approximately four hours to reach Bald Knob. A tour of the logging camp at the top of Bald Knob is also included.

West Virginia Glass Outlet

West Virginia Glass Outlet offers a large variety of glass art, including new and vintage pieces. The store sources glass from more than 25 studios and factories. If you are looking for something unique, you should visit the store’s Queen Street Gallery. Here you’ll find original art, antique prints, African tribal pieces, and more. The store is also home to Flowers Unlimited, a European-style floral shop that sells a variety of items.

The state of West Virginia has a long and rich history of glassmaking. Once, there were as many as 60 glass ventures in the state. However, with the rise of foreign competition and technology, many have closed. Today, there are only a few survivors. It’s important to support local glass factories because they are a vital part of the state’s economy.

The Blenko Glass Company is located in Milton, West Virginia. The company has been in business for more than 100 years. Today, its artisans create colorful handcrafted glassware. This is a family-run operation that has offices, warehouses, and shipping facilities. It also has a two-story visitor center.

One of the largest glass factories in the world is located in West Virginia. While the majority of these businesses are located in the state’s larger cities, smaller towns also boast glass outlets. For example, in Morgantown, the Seneca Glass Company moved from Ohio to Morgantown in 1896. This factory operated until 1983. Another major glass manufacturer is the Louie Glass Company, located in Weston. This company invented the aluminum tank for glass making during the Great Depression. Its innovative processes allowed the company to increase its production.

The Adamston Flat Glass Factory was located in Adamston, West Virginia. Although it is now part of the city of Clarkburg, the factory is one of the few remaining hand-blown glass factories in the United States.

War Memorial Park Martinsburg

War Memorial Park is a beautiful park in Martinsburg, West Virginia. It has a war memorial that features the names of fallen soldiers. The park also has an outdoor pool. There are also picnic areas and restrooms. It is free to visit. It is a great place to spend your day.

War Memorial Park is a wonderful place for family activities. It is a 20-acre park that was first opened in 1947. It is maintained by the Martinsburg-Berkley County Parks and Recreation Board and is open daily from dawn to dusk. The park is located near I-81 and is convenient for visitors.

The park has a large outdoor pool that is free for children. The park also offers swimming lessons for children. The park also has four playground areas, picnic areas, and a concession stand. It also has a pavilion that can be reserved for special events. Reservations can be made at the park administration office or online.