Increasing Sales With Messenger Chat Bots Marketing Pro Tips

September 24, 2021


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Basically, a chatbot is just a piece of automatic messaging software which uses artificial intelligence to communicate with humans. In short, chatbot is programmed to know certain questions, give appropriate answers, and perform certain tasks. Many chat bots were around in the past, and still they’re here on chat pages, in chat apps, etc. Today, more advanced versions of chat bots are available. More recently, chat bots are also available on websites as “virtual assistants.” Essentially, they allow a user to log in, use their accounts, log out, and have the bot do all the hard work of sorting emails, posting replies, etc.


So how does a chatbot help a business? Well, let’s say your business has a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, etc. You probably want customers to “like” or comment on your pages and add you as a friend. This simple gesture can lead to many opportunities for getting your online conversations flowing. For example, if you’re an e-commerce company, you could place a bot on your Facebook page that lets customers place an order with a click of a button.

Once your customers place an order, you simply have to wait for them to log into their account and pay through your PayPal account or click on a Google button to place their order. This is a relatively simple process. However, if you don’t have a chatbot, you have to be manually waiting for each and every person to log in, making your Facebook page extremely unproductive.

On the other hand, if you use a chatbot instead of having to individually add people as friends, you’ll be able to give personalized recommendations to each customer. For example, you could suggest that they should try out your kayak. If they already own one, you can recommend that they join a group where they can share updates about new models.

These sorts of personalized experiences are possible because many chatbot mobilemonkeys already have pre-programmed conversations with other bot users. For example, one such bot, Kayak, is an excellent kayak manufacturer. That is why the makers of Kayak built a bot specifically to chat with customers. Therefore, once a customer purchases a kayak from Kayak, the bot automatically starts conversing with other kayak owners and leads them to the nearest dealer where they can pick out their kayak. In fact, this is just one of the ways that chatbot mobilemonkeys make customer interaction with other customers easy.

Another way that chatbot builders automate customer service is by providing them with personalized information. For example, you could use a mobilemonkey to find out where someone found their last name. In this case, the customer would simply key in their last name and the chatbot builder would supply them with an address of the location of that person. Therefore, not only could a chatbot maker help customers find addresses and locations, but it could also help them find out other personal information.

But perhaps one area in which messenger bots excels over its desktop counterparts is when it comes to sales and greeting customers. It is now possible for a desktop bot to do image searches, browse through images, and play video clips, all the same as it can do when it is connected to a computer. However, it is still very difficult to give a bot the intelligence to discern between a real human face and a series of computer generated faces. This is why most of these bot models also include a special video camera, which enables them to perform a sales pitch to potential customers. This way, a salesperson not only creates a personal connection with a customer, but they also demonstrate how effective their products or services are.

This was all about one chatbot feature that I found really interesting, which relates to the use of messenger chatbags by sports organizations. You see, these bot models allow for a very effective follow up method, which is known as ” Recommendations Based Marketing”. In order to make a recommendation, the bot uses certain algorithms, such as ones which determine the relevance of a customer’s location. It then follows up with that customer by sending them a generic text message, which explains what they have just done, how good they look, etc. These types of recommendations based marketing pro tips send users in a specific direction to more products, which helps increase sales and overall revenue.