How to Build Facebook Messenger Chat Bots to Drive Traffic to Your Website

August 5, 2022


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You may wonder how to build Facebook Messenger chatbots and use them to drive traffic to your website. A good platform for creating chatbots is Heyday, a multifunctional customer messaging platform. Heyday’s conversational sales assistant connects to your product catalog and provides personalized product recommendations. Here are some examples of Facebook Messenger bots built with Heyday. You can connect your chatbot to a phone number or a website URL.

ItsAlive is a platform for building chatbots

There are several advantages to ItsAlive. Its workflow is simple and intuitive. Recipes are similar to those on IFTTT, which tell the bot what to do in specific circumstances. You can use recipes to make your bot perform specific actions based on what you set. You can customize the flow of the conversation in various ways, including presenting a menu of actions. With ItsAlive, you can create your chatbot by following its recipe-based workflow.

ItsAlive offers five different plans, each with varying features. The free plan includes one bot and sends a limited number of messages per month. The Solo plan includes 5000 messages per month and full analytics, while the Plus plan offers two bots and up to 20,000 messages per month. All plans include email notifications and Intercom support. If you are a small business, This platform is a good choice. However, the free plan is not worth the price.

Brands can use ItsAlive’s Facebook Messenger chatbot to engage with their users and improve customer experience. Whether they are chatting with a friend or trying to find a product, it can help them. Messenger chatbots can help solve customer issues and offer support around the clock. Users can also create a Facebook messenger chatbot with ItsAlive by following a few steps.

ItsAlive has a template

Getting a Facebook Messenger chatbot is easy with ItsAlive’s Facebook messenger chat bot template. You can quickly create and test your Facebook Messenger chatbot in minutes, and use its free flow builder to add content and organize your decision tree. Once your chatbot is ready to go, you can deploy it on multiple pages within minutes. The platform also lets you test, duplicate, and share your bots with others.

ItsAlive’s chatbot template is easy to use, and its recipe workflows help you build a conversation in minutes. The bot even has a persistent menu, so you can easily return to a previous point in a conversation, even if you accidentally navigated off track. You can also view your bot’s responses to questions. And if you want to offer more information, you can add recipes that are relevant to your business.

Flow XO is less expensive than ItsAlive, and has fewer features. But you’ll still get the same benefits, including a free tier with 1,000 messages per month, as well as KPI-based reporting and deployment to multiple Facebook pages. You can also integrate Flow XO with other services and have multiple chatbots running at the same time. ItsAlive offers a free tier of 1,000 messages per month, but you can upgrade to a paid plan if you want more.

ItsAlive uses “recipe” workflows

If you’re using Facebook Messenger to market your business, you might want to use a chatbot like ItsAlive. This chatbot provider lets you create chatbots without coding experience. ItsAlive uses a recipe flow that allows you to structure your chats with a minimum of fuss. Facebook Messenger chatbots can generate engagement rates as high as 80 percent compared to email. In fact, businesses and users exchange about 8 billion messages a month, so the need to use this platform wisely is essential.

With ItsAlive, you can build and deploy a Facebook messenger chatbot in a matter of hours. You can use its API to send collected data to CRMs and import important data. Once you’re ready to go live, You can duplicate and share your bot on multiple Facebook pages without any additional development time. The platform also shows you KPIs so you can track how effective your bot is.

Another benefit of ItsAlive is its affordable pricing. It offers a free basic plan and a free trial, as well as a five-tier pricing plan. ItsAlive uses a streamlined, user-friendly interface to keep your bot in sync with your website’s style. You can also subscribe to broadcast content for a fee. Despite the free plan, the ItsAlive chatbot does not include a bird’s eye view.

It can be connected by phone number

One of the ways to attract new customers to your Facebook business is to use a chatbot. Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot will enable you to provide automated responses to your customers at any time, including notifications on wait times, pricing, and contact information. You can use this tool to automate customer service and make your Facebook Messenger experience as seamless as possible for your customers. To make your Facebook Messenger experience as natural as possible, you should mimic the way you would talk to your friends and use natural language.

If you want your Facebook Messenger bot to appear more like a human, you should consider using a chatbot that connects by phone number. This way, your bot will be able to speak to your customers like a real person. Messenger uses a Send/Receive API that enables your bot to send structured messages with images, links, and call to action buttons. Product carousels can also be used to make purchases. You should note, however, that the Messenger platform does not allow payments through credit cards.

A Facebook messenger chatbot cannot replace the human touch. Customers want to be able to talk to a real person if they have a need that’s outside of the usual conversation flow. The bot should also recognize when customers ask for help outside of the conversation flow. A good example is La Vie En Rose’s chatbot, which understands when a customer requests human assistance. And just like with any other chatbot, you need to make sure that your bot does not become a nuisance to customers.

It can provide customer service

Chatbots on Facebook Messenger can answer common customer questions like how to book an appointment or what is the return policy for a product. These chatbots eliminate the need for employees to answer repetitive questions or wait for web pages to load. Not only can chatbots be used to answer customer questions, they can also automate day-to-day tasks like handling order confirmations and shipments. If your business is ready for this new technology, you can use the Messenger marketing feature to automate tasks.

While some companies have already implemented Facebook Messenger chatbots for customer support, others are not yet ready to fully take the leap. Companies must ensure that their messaging bots can seamlessly switch from bot to human interaction. Additionally, companies must integrate Facebook Messenger into their processes and provide context to human agents. And, if the bots are supposed to provide customer support, they need to be easy to use so that customers can interact with them as easily as possible.

Another important benefit of chatbots on Facebook Messenger is their ability to boost customer engagement and sales. In addition to being more convenient, they can send customers greetings and free advice. They can also be programmed to send notifications to the customer’s mobile phone. In addition to these benefits, chatbots on Facebook Messenger are also highly customizable. Customers can even ask the bot to send them a GIF or a mobile notification.

It can be used for retargeting

When combined with other advertising formats, Facebook messenger chat bots can be highly effective for retargeting. According to Jordan Bucknell, CEO of Upbeat Agency, a Facebook and Instagram ad agency, messenger bots help businesses generate leads, sales, and scale. With over 200,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t use them. In fact, retargeting campaigns are one of the most successful types of marketing.

The best way to use Facebook messenger chatbots for retargeting is to embed them in your ads. In Facebook ads, insert a Messenger bot with a “Send Message” button. After a user clicks on the button, they will be directed to your chatbot where they can ask questions and receive more information about your business. This way, you can target people who have expressed interest in a specific product or service and make them a loyal customer.

Using a Messenger bot for retargeting can also help you build a strong Facebook rating. A chatbot can start a conversation with a user by replying to a post on Facebook. It bypasses websites and landing pages, allowing you to target a smaller number of people and send them more relevant ads. It is free and highly effective, as users prefer to interact with Facebook messenger chat bots instead of humans.