Documentation For AI Writer – Create Self-Help Docs For Your Shopify Store Instantly

March 28, 2023


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Documentation for AI Writer helps you speed up your documentation processes and build self-help docs for your Shopify store instantly. Whether you need product or service docs, FAQs, or more, this feature is for you!

This tool uses powerful AI to generate comments and docstrings. As always, it’s essential to check over these documents before you commit them to your code.

Notion AI

Notion AI is an integrated feature that can be used with any Notion block to help create content faster. It can help users generate blog posts, summarise a meeting or document, translate text, and fix spelling and grammar mistakes.

Notion AI uses the GPT-3 platform, developed by OpenAI, for its Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. It can also generate new content based on existing text and expand it.

It can help writers come up with ideas for blog posts, essays, and short stories. It can also rewrite existing text in a different tone, and it can even make suggestions for improvements in vocabulary, grammar, and style.

Notion AI has been in alpha mode for a few weeks now, and it has received feedback from users. Most testers aren’t asking it to write blog posts or marketing emails, but they are using it to help them refine their own writing.


Lex is an AI-driven text editor. Whenever you type +++, it jumps into action and writes anything from short paragraphs to article outlines.

It can be used to build information bots, order placing or travel bots, self-service bots, and other AI chatbots. Moreover, it has iOS and Android SDKs and scales automatically as traffic increases.

The lex program produces a deterministic finite automaton from the regular expressions in the source [4]. This automaton is interpreted rather than compiled to save space.

As a result, Lex can be very fast in recognizing and partitioning input streams. The size of the automaton, and the number and complexity of rules, have no effect on this speed.

The lexical analyzer generated by Lex contains two sections: rules and C code. The rules section associates regular expression patterns with segments of C statements that are copied verbatim to the generated source file.


Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool that analyzes top competitors for a keyword and provides suggestions on how to improve your page’s ranking. It also offers a SERP analyzer and a page seo audit tool.

The main advantage of this tool is that it allows you to quickly create SEO-friendly content. It also saves you time and effort in the process!

Another great feature of Surfer is the content editor. It lets you choose the keywords that you want to target and shows you how you’re performing compared to other keywords with the same length.

Surfer also shows you the keyword metrics of your competitors, including their word count, domain authority and content score. It also suggests the optimal word count and structure of your content, as well as which NLP keywords to include.


Rytr is a great content creation tool that uses GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate high-quality text. It can create a variety of content types including blog posts, product descriptions, AIDA and PAS models, emails and newsletters, social media posts, Google ads, and more.

The UI for Rytr is straightforward and intuitive, which makes it easy to use. It also offers a free extension to make it easier to write on other websites.

Its 20+ writing tones and 29 languages let you write for any audience. Moreover, its use cases and templates give you a wide range of options for creating documents that suit your needs.

Another feature that sets Rytr apart from its competitors is its built-in plagiarism checker. It uses Copyscape to find duplicates in the generated output. This helps prevent plagiarism and protect your brand from legal issues.