Brain Post AI Has The Best AI Text To Image Generator

November 30, 2022


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Whenever you need to get your text to an image, there are a lot of choices out there. Some of them are a little more reliable than others. I have written this article to show you which one I like.


Despite the recent popularity of artificial intelligence text to image generators, the technology is still in its infancy. Despite its limitations, however, the technology has shown promising results.

Text to image generators are able to match photographs, oil paintings, and CGI renders. Unlike other AI systems, however, these machines only require the imagination of the user. In fact, makers of these tools want the user to believe that creativity is their only limit.

There are two competing AI text to image generators. The first is the DALL-E, developed by OpenAI. It’s based on a neural network. The model was trained on thousands of images. The system also uses a filter to remove content that’s inappropriate.

The second model is the Imagen, developed by Google. The algorithm is similar to DALL-E, but isn’t publicly available. It outperformed DALL-E in several metrics and was even better than VQ-GAN+CLIP, which is another text to image generator. The Brain Team’s goal was to produce images with more fidelity.

Unlike DALL-E, however, the system uses a diffusion model. This means it’s not able to draw pictures from text descriptions that are too complex. Instead, it uses a set of filters to filter out certain text inputs.

Another AI text to image generator is the GLIDE, developed by OpenAI. This model uses a minor sampling delay to generate photorealistic images. However, it still doesn’t capture the full detail of a text description.


Using an AI text to image generator, you can create images based on a text prompt. This AI system can produce images that are realistic or bizarre. These systems are used for illustrating magazine covers, generating images for social media and winning art competitions.

The latest version of this AI text to image generator is called Craiyon. It was built by Houston, Texas-based machine learning specialist Boris Dayma during a hackathon.

Craiyon is free for anyone to use. Depending on your computer hardware, it will take about two and a half minutes to generate images. Images produced by Craiyon are fuzzy and lack photorealistic clarity. They often blur into objects and spin out faces.

Craiyon’s website claims that its images may be offensive or cause harmful stereotypes. Dayma said that Craiyon’s creators are working to analyze biases in the AI system. He noted that many AI systems are biased and may produce inappropriate images. He said he tried to prevent Craiyon from learning certain concepts.

Craiyon works by comparing new images to a database of reference images. Once the database is in place, the system is trained to create images. The more specific a prompt, the more specific the AI will be able to produce an image.

Craiyon images are free for academic and non-commercial use. A commercial license agreement is required if you make over $1 million per year.

Jasper art

Using text to image AI generators allows non-designers to express their visuals. These tools have become quite popular among the general public. They are a cheap and easy way to create stunning visuals. However, they can produce nonsensical and nonsensual images.

Some people find the AI art generators quite disturbing. They can create images that are surreal and resemble acid trip images. However, AI technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Some companies use AI art generators to create marketing content.

The AI art generators have become more widely available over the past few years. Some of them are free and some are very affordable. There are a few tools that produce high quality, realistic imagery. These tools include Jasper, MidJourney, and NightCafe.

Jasper uses artificial intelligence to create images. It reads a prompt, and then creates four images in a matter of seconds. Its images are copyright free, and can be used in ads, marketing materials, and blogs. Jasper also creates images in a variety of styles. It can even generate images that copy a particular artist’s style. You can choose from one of its 13 styles.

Jasper Art is a subset of the Jasper AI writing assistant. Jasper Art uses the same AI engine to generate images. It can produce high quality images for blogs, advertisements, and marketing materials. It also has a feature to let you customize the generated images to match your content. Jasper Art’s images can be downloaded, enlarged, and re-used. They are also creative commons licensed, which means that anyone can use them.


Creating art with AI can be an easy task, and it can be done by using text to image AI tools. Using this technology, you can create amazing images from your text. It can help you to create realistic portraits, object-oriented art, and even landscapes. Using these tools, you can also create cartoons and comics.

StarryAI is one of the top online makers of text to image AI images. It has been successfully producing some great examples of art, and it regularly updates its models.

The Starry AI interface is very easy to use. You simply type in your text, pick a simulated texture, and pick a style and medium for your artwork. You can create up to five artworks a day and share them on social media.

The Starry AI app is free for Android and IOS users. It uses a machine learning algorithm to process your image. It offers more customization than other AI image generators.

Another great AI text to image generator is NightCafe. It uses a neural network to interpret text, and turns it into an image. This isn’t as advanced as other tools, but it’s still an excellent option for those who want to experiment with AI art.

Another great tool for creating art from text is Jasper Art. It’s inexpensive and it creates high-quality, original photos. It’s easy to use, and you can even store your drawings in a secure storage.


Using text to image AI tools has become a trend among artists to meet the expectations of their clients. With the help of these tools, you can turn real life pictures into art that is incredibly realistic and beautiful. You can also use the tools to create object-oriented art, such as paintings and portraits.

There are many types of AI text to image generators. Some are easy to use while others are complex. Here are some of the most popular and versatile AI tools.

One of the most user-friendly tools for creating NFT art is Fotor. Its AI engine is designed for ease of use, making it easy for beginners to get started. It also offers advanced AI tools that help you create art in minutes.

NightCafe has been one of the most popular AI text to image generators. With this program, you can create incredibly realistic images from simple English text. It’s user-friendly, beginner-friendly, and allows for easy picture editing. The graphics are generated in high resolution. The images are permanently stored in your account. You can also earn credits by participating in the community.

Using Nightcafe, you can turn simple English words into graphics that are incredibly realistic. You can use your own text or select from a variety of creatives. The graphics are stored in your account permanently, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Wombo Dream

Until now, AI text to image generators have been fairly limited to a few tools, but there are now some excellent options for users looking to unleash their creative talents. These tools use deep learning frameworks to create original artworks from simple text descriptions. In addition to creating art, these apps can also create logos, posters, marketing images, social media posts, and more.

Wombo Art, Nightcafe Studio, Craiyon, and StarryAI are just a few of the options. Each of these apps has a different UI and style. They can be used by beginners and experienced graphic artists alike. Some of the tools are free while others require a subscription.

Wombo’s Dream app is a great way to turn simple English words into artwork. Users type in a prompt and the app generates artwork instantly. The quality of the resulting images depends on the level of complexity of the prompt. There are 20 different art styles available. These images are not copyrighted and are ideal for book covers, postcards, posters, or marketing materials. The resulting artwork is a derivative of the original, but it can still be interesting.

NightCafe, meanwhile, is a user-friendly application that produces gorgeous artworks from simple words. The interface is intuitive and the results are saved in your account. The app can create hyperrealistic art, as well as surreal and chilling images. Its creators recommend specific word prompts.