5 Bathroom Organization Ideas You Can’t Afford Not To Know

November 15, 2022


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One of the best ways to keep daily items off the counters is to add a shelf near the vanity. The shelf is deeper than a built-in medicine cabinet, and allows you to keep all of your daily essentials within reach. Another great way to keep your daily essentials in sight is to place small items on a decorative tray. This will make the items look purposefully placed and make them look like they belong in a curated collection.

Ladder shelves

Ladder shelves are a practical storage solution. They’re easy to install and can make good use of available space. However, there are several things to remember when using them. First, you need to think about lighting. You can use lamps near the top of the shelf for illumination, or you can use different lights on different levels for a dimmer effect. Another option is clamp lighting. This type of lighting is flexible, and it’s best for smaller spaces.

Another way to use ladder shelves is to decorate them with pictures. These can be a great way to remember cherished moments, and can also spark conversations with friends and family. You can also decorate them in other parts of the house, such as the living room, if you’d like. Framed photos look wonderful on the shelves.

Clear bins

One of the best ways to organize your bathroom is to use clear bins. These containers will help you identify what’s in them and are a great choice for organizing things like personal care products. They’re easy to see through and stack nicely on shelves. You can also label them with attractive labels to make them more organized and have a uniform appearance.

Using baskets for bathroom storage is another great way to organize your space. Whether you’re using them as additional storage or to add some decorative touches, baskets can help you keep tall products upright. You can also use baskets to organize your drawers. Another great way to use baskets for bathroom storage is to use an old silverware organizer. If you don’t have an organizer, you can also build your own.

Another excellent option for organizing bathroom storage is to install floating shelves. This will free up space below the sink. It’s also a great space saver for small bathrooms. Alternatively, you can add shelving between the sinks. It will keep your bathroom clutter off the counter and your frequently used items at eye level.

Magazine holders

Using magazine holders as bathroom organization ideas is a great idea because they allow you to keep your magazines in a convenient location while still adding a touch of beauty to your bathroom. These small storage solutions can be placed on the wall, floor, or basins. They are inexpensive and can help you organize and save space.

One of the great features of magazine holders is that they can be used for many other things besides holding magazines. They are also great for storing crafts supplies. You can place them on wooden shelves or wall mount them for added storage. You can even use them as flip-flop holders. There are many different types of magazine holders, and you can buy a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Another great idea for magazine storage in the bathroom is a decorative magazine rack. These small racks are a great choice if you want to create a contemporary style in your bathroom. You can also get a rotating magazine stand from Ikea to help you organize your magazines in a small space. These items can also help you save space because they are cheap and help you display magazines in a clean and attractive way.

Organizing with a label maker

If you want to save space in your bathroom, organizing with a label maker is a great option. You can use it to label items and make them easy to find. Using a label maker is also a great way to organize small items in your bathroom.

Using clear containers is a good idea because they make it easy to see what is inside. They are also easy to stack and can look organized on a shelf. Labeling containers with attractive labels also makes them more appealing. Using apothecary jars and other storage containers is another great idea for bathroom organization.

A label maker is an easy and cost-effective way to label items and make them easy to find. It can be used to organize storage boxes, shoe boxes, and more. You can get them in many styles, colors, and materials.

Using a spinning turntable

Using a spinning turntable to organize glass jars filled with disposable items can be a great way to keep your bathroom organized. These jars can help you keep your beauty products and toiletries within easy reach, and they are also great for hiding smaller items. They can also double as linen closets on wheels!

Another bathroom organization idea is to use a Lazy Susan to keep condiments organized. This device is made of durable plastic and will spin 360 degrees. It features tall edges for stability. It can also be used as an organizing tool for your coffee bar. The key to choosing a Lazy Susan for your bathroom is to decide which material will suit your bathroom’s needs. Some Lazy Susans have small wheels mounted on a track; others use revolving pieces.

For long drawers, a spinning turntable can serve as a storage solution for taller bottles. The rotating motion also minimizes the chance of germ transfer. Long drawer organizers, on the other hand, can hold supplies for several people. Label the containers with the names of the individuals using them.

Using a ladder rack

Using a ladder rack as a storage solution is a great way to save space. They can hold a wide range of items and are easy to move from one room to another. This makes them a great solution for a modular bathroom. They can also look great in bathrooms with a minimalist decor theme.

A ladder rack can fit into a small space and will not take up much floor space. Unlike bathroom caddies, which may come off the wall and are difficult to remove, ladder racks fit directly onto the riser rail of a shower. They also have an adjustable pole so that they can be positioned to the perfect height.

A wooden ladder shelf can add a unique element to the bathroom. It is a great option for holding towel racks and can even be used as a storage solution for canisters and soap dispenser pumps. These shelves can be painted to match your decor and make a visually pleasing addition to your bathroom.

Using open trays

Open trays, which are decorative trays, are a great way to keep bathroom items in easy reach and off the counter. These small containers can easily fit more items than simple shelves and can be organized by color scheme. A bathroom countertop is usually the first place that visitors see when they enter the room, so keep items off the counter and out of sight.

These trays are versatile and can be used to store toiletries, makeup, hair styling tools, and bath linens. Decorative trays can also be used to store items like cotton balls and swabs. Decorative glass jars, which are easy to access, can also store things such as makeup and toothbrushes.

For a more elegant look, consider adding a double acrylic spice rack to the wall. This elegant organizer takes up less counter space than cabinets and offers double the storage space. Alternatively, you can use small glass jars as bathroom storage. Adding a small shelving unit to the wall can also make up for a lack of cabinets.

Using IKEA’s TISKEN line

If you want to save space in your bathroom without drilling holes or constructing complex systems, IKEA’s TISKEN bathroom organization line is a great way to achieve the look you’re going for. These no-drill solutions include in-shower storage cubbies, a tapered shelf, and even a magnetic knife strip. A tension rod is a great way to maximize space around a shower curtain. It can be used to hang towels, bathing suits, and other bathing tools. You can also install a wire basket on a bathroom wall to add storage and texture.

TISKEN hooks are great for adding additional hanging space. They can be used for towels, soap dishes, and cups. They also have hooks that can accommodate towel rods.