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Sports Relief


Here at Leamore, we have been incredibly lucky today. We have had a very special visitor in school… Mark Lewis-Francis, the olympic gold medallist! We started the day with a celebratory assembly, for which Miss Francis and Mrs Bradley had decorated the hall- thank you! Miss Thomas introduced Mark and he told us a little […]

Sports Relief Netball Game

The ‘Parents Vs Staff Sports Relief Netball Match‘ took place after school today. Here is Miss Francis’ totally amazing match report: Leamore was at its very best this afternoon, with parents and staff uniting to support Sports Relief with an exhilarating game of netball. Five minutes into the game, muscles were being used that we […]

Pancake Fundraising

As you all know, on Thursday we will be fundraising so that all of our friends at Kimanjo can have a tasty pancake on Shrove Tuesday – just like we do! As well as having the opportunity to eat a pancake and topping, you will also be able to try a traditional Kenyan chapati. Miss […]