Mad Science Assembly

Atomic Abbie wowed the school with her Mad Science assembly this morning!

Everyone’s excited faces lit up when we investigated how paper burns differently when dipped in 200 chemicals!

We all became scientists as we predicted how high the cork would blast off the test tube filled with bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate)  and vinegar (acetic acid).

Next, we investigated lung capacity: two volunteers came out to the front to help. They each had to blow into the wind bag to test their air capacity. Using science, they were able to improve their scores by allowing air to travel easier.

Finally, we loved watching Abbie shoot air out of a cannon. We can’t see air, so how do we know what shape it is? The cannon created smoke to blow around the room, so the children could actually see the air travelling. We learnt that the special shape of air being shot out of the cannon is a torus.


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