Sports Relief Netball Game

The ‘Parents Vs Staff Sports Relief Netball Match‘ took place after school today.

Here is Miss Francis’ totally amazing match report:

Leamore was at its very best this afternoon, with parents and staff uniting to support Sports Relief with an exhilarating game of netball. Five minutes into the game, muscles were being used that we never knew we had. However, the competition was definitely on: Skilful pivoting, chest passes, fantastic shooting and even the occasional lobbying the ball was witnessed. We definitely had it all going on!  Mrs Kelly was a little whippet. I demand to see her birth certificate tomorrow; she’s never nearly 57! 

Jodie and Mrs Bradley took a tumble for the team but rose valiantly to their feet. Where was Mrs Lockett our invisible first aider? Looking the other way perhaps arranging our half time oranges! Keep replaying the brilliant shot by Mrs Bradley – amazing! 

“Mark your partner!” echoed throughout the match. That brought back fond teenage memories. “Jump Mr Dwyer!” was bellowed down the pitch to which he responded with a superman gesture but never actually left the ground! 

You should have seen Miss Baker’s face when she realised her partner was Mr Chidlow. It was hilarious. “You’re too tall!” I heard her say. I don’t know who was more shocked – Mr or Mrs Chidlow. If you ask me, I think he’d got springs in his legs. 

Mrs Mcutcheon was black and blue by the end of the match – she can’t explain half of her bruises.

Natalie gave me a run for my money; she stuck to me like glue! “Are your toes behind the line?” was enough to distract her! He, he!

Sheer determination was written all over Laura’s face. There was no doubt about it: she meant business! 

Sam Hill not only looked the part, but was awarded woman of the match – so deserved. Wish we’d have had scouts there! 

Miss Thomas’ and Mr Hardwick’s powerhouse defence was incredible. Although I am surprised that they let 5 goals in! I’d have trembled just going into the circle! It was no surprise that Jayne rose to that challenge – she may not have played since she was 17, but no one would of guessed. From one Nan to another, how do you do it?!

Marie and another relative were last minute volunteers – they both rose to the challenge. Thank you for stepping in. 

What amazing sports we all were. Thank you to all netball players and, most importantly, to the spectators who donated to Sports Relief. I for one wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Bursting with Pride!


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  1. An absolutely fantastic match and very well played from both sides. I thoroughly enjoyed it and all in the name of charity. I can’t wait for the summer!! 🙂


  2. Well done to everyone for taking part. What a lovely way to spend a sunny evening and raise money at the same time. I might be 57, but this evening I feel like 97 !!! Looking forward to the rounders match in the summer.


  3. Loved every minute of it! I think everyone played amazingly. My legs are feeling it this morning though.

    Well done everyone!


  4. Mrs McCutcheon March 17, 2016 at 7:16 am

    What a fantastic game! I loved every minute of it…even though I couldn’t breathe for half of it! A big thank you to all the parents for taking part and to Miss Francis for organising it.
    So when is this rounders match?! Hehe

    Mrs McCutcheon


  5. What a fantastic game! Everyone played great. I had a great time but definitely rounders next time! X


  6. Fantastic! What a great game! Really enjoyed spectating. Well done to all involved! I like the sound of a rounders match….


  7. What a match!! I throughly enjoyed it. Took me back to my secondary school days. Well done to everyone who played!


  8. Fantastic game and Miss Francis did keep me on my toes! She is too fast! Looking forward to the summer’s rounders match. At least if anyone does fall, it will be a softer landing.


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