Assembly – ‘I Can’ Attitude

Check out how these two Year Four pupils showed off their ‘I Can’ attitude in assembly this morning when they shared the looooooooong loom band that they have been making at home! We also read a newspaper article about the loom band that a boy called Ben, who lives in Devon, has been making.

Our two Year Four pupils were keen to find out if their loom band was as long as the hall. It was!

During assembly, we discussed how having an ‘I Can’ attitude can help you to become very good at a particular skill. We learnt that some people who are really good at something go on to break World records.

We all enjoyed watching this video of Bertie, the fastest tortoise in the World, who now has a Guinness World Record. Bertie certainly has an ‘I Can’ attitude!


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  1. That is an impressive loom band!


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