Commonwealth Day at the Council House

Alongside pupils from other Walsall primary schools, one of our Year Five pupils represented Leamore Primary at the Council House for Commonwealth Day where she was also able to meet the Mayor of Walsall!

Not sure what the Commonwealth actually is? Well, the Commonwealth is a family of 53 countries from all over the world, spanning the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. To find out more about what it represents, please click this link.

Commonwealth Day is held every year on the second Monday of March. The day is celebrated around the world and from the Head of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty the Queen, a special message is issued through Prime Ministers and Presidents to the citizens of the Commonwealth particularly school children.

One of the tasks was to design the front page of a Commonwealth newspaper which the Mayor would then judge. We are delighted to announce that our pupil came second and will soon be receiving a special prize!

As well as meeting the Mayor of Walsall, part of the day involved raising the Commonwealth flag and saying the Commonwealth Affirmation.

Here are the affirmations (positive sayings) that were read out by all the children:

  • The First Affirmation – We affirm that every person-of whatever colour, class or creed-possesses unique worth and dignity.
  • The Second Affirmation – We affirm our respect for the world and pledge that we will be its stewards by caring for every part of it.
  • The Third Affirmation – We affirm our belief in justice for everyone and peace between peoples and nations.
  • The Fourth Affirmation – We affirm faith and love as the foundation of all human relationships.
  • The Fifth Affirmation – We affirm that we each belong to our own nation and to the whole human family: to the service of both we pledge ourselves.
  • The Sixth Affirmation – We affirm that diversity is a gift to humanity and that all peoples are worthy of respect; in pursuit of which, we pledge to promote understanding and reconciliation in our communities and around the world.

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Thank you to Janet Catto, from Walsall Children’s Services, for organising, and then inviting us to, this event!


7 Responses to “Commonwealth Day at the Council House”

  1. Thank you for representing our school at this very special event. Please come and share your unique experience with everyone at our next Good Learning assembly. Well done! So proud of you!


  2. The event was an excellent reminder of how inclusive the Commonwealth is. Your school’s contribution to the success of the event was outstanding. The Mayor particularly mentioned how much she liked the newspaper entry from Leamore.


  3. I’m really proud of my daughter and very grateful that she was given this opportunity to take part in this special day.


  4. It’s interesting to note that this tradition still exists and that we are part of the bigger picture!


  5. Thank you for your comment Sally. Do you have any links to Leamore Primary School? Mrs Hill.


  6. The said pupil in Year 5 is my youngest granddaughter!


  7. Aha! I now realise who you are. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!


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